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Buying a ranch isn't like buying a typical house or condo. So why would you trust just any realtor to find your dream investment? Our agents don't just know ranches - they own ranches. They've worked from sunup to sundown with a sweaty brow and blistered hands and know just how peaceful and rewarding ranch life can be.

They're knowledgeable about property mineral rights, water wells, rainwater collections systems and a bunch more things you'll want to know when choosing your new ranch property. And they take great pride in providing the best, most professional customer service in the industry.

Tax & Investment Opportunities

No other investment offers the tax incentives and growth potential of farm and ranch land. Land is king and they aren’t making anymore of it. As a pure investment, ranch land has long offered steady returns and a safe haven to park your hard-earned money. There are deductions on depreciable assets such as equipment, fences barns, houses and for improving the property. Tax-free exchanges may also be used in some cases to avoid paying capital gains when selling. Your CPA or tax attorney can help you get all the deductions you are entitled to.

Pride of Ownership

Ask any rancher about their property and they will beam when describing the scenic pasture lands or high desert live oaks or just the wide-open space to ride horses, go hunting or ride ATV’s with family and friends. They’ll tell you how good they feel sipping ice tea or a cold beer on the front porch after a hard day’s work on the property and how sad they get every time they have to leave. And they will tell you buying a ranch was one of the best decisions they ever made.

Concierge Services

People’s lives are busier than ever so All American Home and Ranch Sales offers concierge services that make owning, operating and visiting your ranch even better. From ground transportation to managing hunting leases and game to handling cattle to turning on the heat or AC to stocking the fridge with food and beverages – your comfort is our top priority. All American Home and Ranch Sales can also oversee construction of barns, pens, ponds & stock tanks and fences and for its waterfront and recreational clients it offers general maintenance, cleaning and upkeep.

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